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What is a  Home loan?
Generally speaking, it is a term that means any loan primarily for personal, family, or household use. They are generally available to people looking to buy their own home, purchasing a block of land, building their own home, or similar activities.


Car loans can be set over terms as short as one year or up to seven years. Some lenders, usually dealership finance providers, will set a loan term which usually comes with a balloon payment at the end. Check with us at Second Opinion as we may be able to provide you with a better Car Loan than your Car Dealer.


It can sometimes be more difficult to procure financing for an investment property than for a primary residence. That is where Second Opinion experts come in! The right guidance can get you on your way to an Investment Loan that fits your needs. Because at Second Opinion we have access to the right loan people.


Debt consolidation usually involves rolling all your existing debts into one loan. This may help you to better manage your repayments, but it is important to make sure your situation is not worse if the interest rate or fees in the new loan go higher than they were with your original debts. Speak to us at Second Opinion .

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At Second Opinion Home Loans we take pride in obtaining only the best and most cost effective services when it comes to securing a Loan. While we offer a “Second Opinion” on your loan requirements and you will find our services to be “Second” to none . Needing a Home Loan, Car Loan, Investment Loan or just Debt Consolidation then give us a call to discuss your requirements. Office:1300 805 524 or drop us a note on the contact form.

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